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Jones and Father install anything associated with power distribution systems. Installing new Switchgear and Transformers, and modifying existing systems. Our engineers and technicians ensure minimum disruption to all aspects of your work activities.

Test and Commission
Modern procurement techniques tend to make equipment suppliers responsible for complete sections of planned, including their electrical supplies. This can lead to in compatible peaces of equipment being installed by inexperienced personnel.
Jones and Father have personnel experienced in both construction requirements and electrical distribution systems. We test the operation of individual components, through to the commissioning of the complete system, so that the concepts of the design is the system your plant is installed with.

Maintenance and Inspection
Routine maintenance of High Voltage plant should be carried out ,not simply to ensure reliability, but also to comply with Health and Safety Legislation.
Maintenance of all types of equipment is essential, no matter how old or new.
We also have an extensive knowledge of Switchgear, Transformers and Protection Relays both modern and obsolete.

High Voltage Switching
Because of the Training and Experience requirements for operating High Voltage Equipment, many operators choose to use external specialists to perform this function. Jones and Father personnel are trained up to Senior Authorized Person level to switch on High Voltage Networks.
We also have experience in how systems behave under fault conditions and can advise on what went wrong after an incident has occurred to minimise its effects if it should happen again.
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